Love to Learn

Very often I hear that I do too many things.  While that may be true, I still believe in using your ability to learn and apply whatever you learn.

Who am I and why do I write?

I’m Wendy!  I’m a twenty-something year old kinetic-ambitious-learner.  I enjoy learning things that are useful to me and can make money.  I have a degree B.Sc something in Computing & Information Systems but you need a ton experience (mind you I’m only in my 20’s) in order to make use of that degree.  You need at least 5 years working and practical experience plus 3-6 certificates in different aspects of computing.  How come they didn’t tell me this before I spent my money on the degree tuition?  Well you’ll have to ask the person or people who make up the job descriptions for candidates.

Anyway, I have been acquiring skills ever since the age of 16.  I first began with Agriculture… they were paying me to learn so yeah… but after the 2nd week I began liking it and decided to stay on the program and also joined another similar program where I worked in a garden after school hours.  It was very nice to learn how to grow your own garden and earn from it.  I later decided to get involved in the field of computing where I moved on to university to study Business Computing.  Meanwhile I got married, attended school and worked full time for a very small salary and still couldn’t land an entry level job in the Computing field.  Sucked.

I picked up three more skills while attending university, Bread-Cakes-Pastries, Nail Technology and Cosmetology.  They were all being offered free and only cost me one day per week.  Hey, I learned to earn!  Still I couldn’t save up enough money to do the million and something certs the employers demanded because they were either at the wrong time or wrong place for the year.  I got sick pretty often with PCOS and now hell, Fibroids…

Allah indeed blessed me with so much, a beautiful baby boy and the strength to finish what I started, my degree in Computing & Information Systems.

Today I love writing, sewing, cleaning (my home, and sometimes redecorating), stationery and my family.  I pray as much as I can.  I love being a Muslim.

Stay tuned for more of my new hobbies and especially my sewing projects.



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